Thursday, 24 July 2014

24 July 2014, Hickleton Hall POW Project Day 4

The heat certainly seems to be staying with us at the moment, it has got hotter each day we have been working. Not that we're complaining, mind you! We arrived at site this morning to find that the cows had kindly left us a few presents overnight. They were probably just interested in the archaeology and decided to have a look for themselves!

The geophysics team were out in the woods, making good progress across the site.

Meanwhile, we had cleared the topsoil off hut base 7 and began the task of cleaning the concrete. This also involved cleaning out the post holes on the edge of the base.

Then the surface was trowelled back, to get all the lumps and clods of earth off.

The final thing was to take a photograph of the cleaned base for the archive.

Back over at hut base 6, Jonathan and Sue had finished cleaning their sondage down to the clinker pathway and the remains of the brick edge. So, this was also photographed for the records.

They then spent the rest of the day drawing the features in the trench.

Meanwhile, Jan and Vince had finished their recording so were being taught by Lauren how to level their drawing. We take levels across a drawing to show how high above sea level a particular point is, this helps us place the archaeology in a geographical position.

Their drawing was then finished off and it looked excellent:

Whilst all this was happening, Glynis began work on another sondage at the corner of base 6, this is to see if the small border and path go all the way around the hut base or are confined to the front only.

Back at base 7, Ant and Rob began opening a new sondage at the eastern end of the base, to see if there was a brick step here as well.

Ange and Russ did the same on the western edge of base 7.

By the end of the day the eastern sondage began to show signs of a brick step, so it was decided to expand this trench to two meters wide.

Tomorrow should show us if there are more brick steps around base 7, and what happens with the kerbing on base 6. It's getting very interesting, so, stay tuned for more updates tomorrow as we forge ahead with the work, also check out our Twitter and Facebook for more updates on Elmet and what we are up to!

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