Friday, 1 August 2014

1 August 2014, Hickleton Hall POW Project Day 10

Today marked the last day on site for the Hickleton Hall Prisoner of War Project. The day was spent finishing off the various drawings and recording all that still needed to be finished. The last hut base, number 8 was recorded by Becky, Anne and Rob, whilst Martin and Ant finished off sondage 7.

The natural feature in sondage 5 was also cleaned and photographed.

Then sondage 7 was also photographed once all the bricks and clinker had been removed. This revealed the buried soil below these features. This would have been the original turf layer on top of which the clinker was laid.

Then, just as the rain hit us, sondage 6 was also cleaned and photographed.

So, that is it for another year, there is a little bit of finishing off that needs doing on Monday morning and the hut bases need to be back filled, but the majority of work is completed. Over the course of two weeks the team produced over sixty context sheets and twenty drawings! All of these will be compiled in the future into a report that will be published on the Elmet Website!

All that remains is to say a massive thank you to everyone who gave up their precious time to come and help us excavate the site; we at Elmet truly appreciate all your efforts and hard work and hope that you all had fun!

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