Monday, 22 July 2013

22 July 2013, Hickleton Hall POW Project Day 1

Hello and welcome to our new Elmet Archaeology blog! In this we hope to give you details of our projects and providing up to date information of what we are up to!

Today was the first day on site at the Hickleton Hall Prisoner of War camp project. This excavation is a continuation from last year's work and we hope to pick up where that left off.

Click this link HERE to read more about the project.

It was a rather slow start; being the first day, as usual. On site we had: Chris, Alex, Kate, Phil, Michael, Shell, Helen, Sue, Jo, Vince and Mia. By lunch time we had set up several grids for the geophysical survey and even started work clearing one of the camp hut bases. The sun came out later and it proved to be sweaty work in the heat!

Helen, Sue, Chris and Kate start the geophysical survey to see if there are any underlying archaeological remains.

 Vince and Jo help with laying out grids, whilst Michael takes it easy in the sun!

Phil and Jo start work on one of the hut bases.

There were only a few finds this afternoon, mostly brick from the hut base and a small blue bottle (we didn't get a photo yet!). Keep following this blog for more updates as the project continues!

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