Monday, 29 July 2013

29 July 2013, Hickleton Hall POW Project Day 6

The weekend must have meant recovery time for everyone as we had a good turnout on site; Alex, Chris, Phil, Peter, Martin, Chris, Helen, Anne, Shell, Vince, Robin and Sue.

It looked like rain this morning and by afternoon we weren't disappointed, it chucked it down and we had to abandon ship. However, before the weather hit us we were able to get some good work done.

In the meantime, the cows had used the weekend to show us what they thought of the archaeology...

Today's plan was to continue the geophysical survey of the south of the field, marked in the red circle below and clear off the base marked C.S.O. Nissen, indicated by the blue circle on this wartime map of the site:

Chris took an intrepid team of Martin, Sue, Anne and Peter off to complete more grids of the geophysical survey at the south of the site:

They did a great job and sped through the resistivity survey, just like old pros...

Meanwhile at the north of the site the rest of the team began clearing off the C.S.O. Nissen base, which we numbered two for our records. This base had previously been cleared, but there wasn't enough time to record it last year, so we thought we could complete this task during this season:

It didn't take long before the base started to look shipshape!

Chris began clearing the area around the entrance to the south...

...And uncovered the concrete path leading into the hut:

Trowels were swapped for brooms as the leaf mould and debris were removed:

The hut was made of a double skin of bricks surrounding a concrete base, the bricks would probably have stood about a meter tall with corrugated iron arches to form the roof placed on top. The double line of bricks can be seen below, along  this metal eyelet; possibly for holding a pot-bellied stove in place:

We also uncovered two seperate lines of postholes which formed a delineation within the structure to create three rooms:

You can just make them out running up the centre of the picture:

Shell got the find of the day award for this ceramic cable holder. It would have been used to hold communications or electricity wire and still had the screw and washer in place!

Then the rain hit us so we had to abandon site, unfortunately typical of the British Summer time weather! We are back tomorrow, to do more cleaning and recording, hopefully the rain will hold off!

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to come along, just let us know you are coming, or you can follow us here on Facebook and Twitter.

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