Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15 April 2014, Barnsley Pals Project, Day 2

Day two on the Barnsley Pals project began with another bright and sunny morning, our luck seems to be holding at the moment. We had another good turn out from the volunteers and they immediately picked up from yesterday with Andy and Stephen starting off on the resistivity survey. 


Despite there being a group of children using the site, they managed to get seven grids finished in no time at all!

The rest of us turned our attention to the extant ablution block bases, which needed a good clean...

These had been cleared off a few years ago, but grass and weeds had grown over them again.

However, you can still make out a few of the features in the concrete, like the drainage channels that run down either side of the structures.

So the team began work on clearing off the growth and exposing the concrete below. Again, this was aided by the lovely sunshine!

Other smaller features, such as post holes began to appear under the turf covering!

Chris cleaned off an entire corner to reveal a row of postholes, probably used to hold up the temporary walls of the washing facilities. You can also make out the drainage feature on the left hand side of the picture.

These concrete bases may have been cleaned before, but they have never been fully recorded in an archaeological manner and this is what this project hopes to achieve. We are expecting that there will be many more small features that need investigating on these three bases.

The work continued throughout the afternoon and was by no means completed, tomorrow will see more of the bases uncovered. Check back for further information in our next blog post! If you would like to get involved, please have a look at our website for details of volunteering: www.elmetarchaeology.co.uk

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