Friday, 25 April 2014

25 April 2014, Barnsley Pals Project, Day 11

The day began with a light drizzle, but it wasn't heavy enough to put us off initially, so Lauren and Concrete Chris continued recording the second concrete base. Here Chris takes measurements off the base line whilst Lauren draws the points on permatrace waterproof paper.

And the geophysics team continued to search for anomalies underground! They were running their grids over what could be very interesting areas this morning...

...The area in question is this patch of ground between the third base and the clump of tree in the centre of the picture. In the trees at the bottom are the remains of at least one more ablution base. The concrete can be seen just under the foliage. However, there are two flat areas immediately between the trees and the base we have uncovered. It is very likely that these two areas have further concrete bases under them and if that is the case they may be in very good condition!

Our hard work was short lived though, as just after lunch the heavens opened and it began pouring with rain again, too much for us to continue with the resistivity survey so we called a halt to the work. There are now only twelve grids remaining to survey, along with a small amount of recording left to do and we will be finished very soon!

And finally do remember that today is ANZAC day; 25th of April 1915 is the date of the first Australian landings on the Gallipoli peninsular. Remember those men, along with the British, Irish, French and Turks who also fought in that ill-fated campaign.

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