Thursday, 24 April 2014

24 April 2014, Barnsley Pals Project, Day 10

The rain fell heavily through the night but had cleared up this morning, thankfully! The sun shone all day which was a great help as we were finishing off the recording of the ablutions blocks. Here, Duncan and Graham work on the top block, whilst Lauren gets started on the second base.

By the end of the day two bases had been drawn, with the third one half way through. Duncan and Graham did very professional job on their drawing.

Lunch was also a feast of baking, when Jo and Sue both brought in some parkin and two lots of brownies! It was difficult to get back to work after the break!

Also today, 'Dad's Army' turned up on their dumper...

...and helped us to shift the spoil heaps that we had created!

We also had a site visit from Colonel Norton, formerly of the Yorks and Lancs Regiment. It was a pleasure to show him the area that his uncle trained in and to let him see a part of the regiment's history.

Well, we have two days to go, we are on track to finish on Saturday, the geophysics is almost finished and the recording of the features is also almost complete.

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