Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15 October 2013, Ulley Roman Project Day 2

Despite the rain yesterday we were treated to a bright and clear morning today. This perfectly demonstrated that the position chosen for this possible fort was a really good one from a military point of view, with the commanding views across the valleys towards Sheffield:

Because we had laid out the entire grid yesterday we were able to start the surveying almost immediately. But first, Christine explained how the resistivity array worked to the team of volunteers.

And when they were all familiar with the machine they were all given a chance to use it, working within the twenty metre grids. Hopefully if there are any underlying archaeological remains they will be picked by the resistivity array and we should be able to pinpoint any features once we have downloaded the data.

The geophysical survey only required a few of the volunteers so the others were brought together to start the field walking exercise.

This started off at the north of the field but we were careful to choose the grids that the geophysical survey was being carried out in, so the two activities wouldn't get in each other's way!

Each grid was walked from north to south, then south to north, then east to west and finally west to east. This was to ensure that the grid was seen from all directions and took advantage of different light conditions, which can sometimes help to spot artefacts.

A large amount of the material was modern pottery and clay pipes, which is to be expected as we were close to the modern village of Ulley. As the field-walking progresses down the slope away from the village there may be older material recovered. However, Dave had the find of the day with this lovely fragment of a prehistoric flint blade which measured about two centimetres across. Sharp eyes!

Here is today's team photo; thanks for everyone's help today!

There'll be more updates tomorrow, so please check back!

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