Wednesday, 23 October 2013

23 October 2013, Ulley Roman Project Day 10

The day started out wet and misty, but the wind soon blew the bad weather away and we actually saw the sun today!

The field walking continued, still the ground isn't revealing its secrets for us though! Lots more medieval and post-medieval pottery, but no Roman artefacts were found.

Maybe we were looking in the wrong place?

Although the pottery isn't really telling us about the existence of a Roman fort we are getting the occasional nice find, like this medieval piece of pottery with a thumb print in it, found by Vince.

However, the Geophysical survey is continuing apace, eight more grids were scanned today! Another good day!

And here is today's team photo, a good turn out despite the early rain!

Also today we had a visit from the Rotherham Advertiser's photographer, for a forthcoming feature in the paper! In keeping with the journalists, Alex was interviewed by BBC Radio Sheffield about the project. You can hear their podcast HERE. The interview starts after about twenty minutes.

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