Saturday, 19 October 2013

19 October 2013, Ulley Roman Project Day 6

We were expecting more rough weather this morning but were pleasantly surprised when we arrived on site. The threatened rain stayed away and this was the view which met us first thing.

Alex is away this weekend celebrating the nuptials of our friend Lauren and her fiancée Steve in York. Our Alex replacement is Mike, who was keen to get underway - following a site introduction from Chris for him and the new volunteers.

 The weekend team is a little smaller than expected but were very hard working all the same. We continued to work within the grid we established on Monday, with people choosing to field walk first then moving to geophysics in the afternoon or vice versa. 

Our morning geophysics team included this young lady and her dad - although she's young she's certainly very interested and helped with everything. Here she is with the RM 15 resistivity meter and handling it like an experienced archaeologist.

Our field walking stalwarts were joined by two local detectorists, who had asked to work with us today. We also had a few local visitors who were just interested in what we had discovered and the history of the site.

There was much talk among the team about the site itself and the location of the roads entering and leaving, with people eager to come back and continue the work. Another good day and the rain stayed away!

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