Wednesday, 30 October 2013

30 October 2013, Ulley Roman Project Day 13

We were going to be back on site yesterday, but unfortunately we were caught up in a meeting and couldn't get to site until everyone had already left! So apologies to all who turned up! However, the weather made up for it today by presenting us with a glorious autumn start!

We began the day by laying out the tapes ready for the geophysical survey. 

By now, our volunteers are professionals at these jobs!

There's no stopping them and it didn't take long to get set up.

 Then the survey was under way and the grids being eating up at a fast rate!

Helen hadn't had a chance to have a go at using the array until today, so here she is being taught how to use it.

Another new-comer was Sophie, she's eight and owns her own trowel! So now we've had an 81 year old on site and an 8 year old! 

We also had another visitor in the form of this hedgehog, it's great to see the wildlife out and about!

Along with the geophysical survey, we managed to complete the field walking of the entire field. We will go over some of the areas again, but it is mostly done now. Here are today's cold but happy volunteers!

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