Sunday, 20 October 2013

20 October 2013, Ulley Roman Project Day 7

Day seven began well; with the sun out although a strong wind was blowing all day.  The weather has been very kind to us so far! We had about ten people on site on and off, with people dropping in throughout the day.

We also had Mike McCoy back with us, to help with the field walking. Again, there isn't much coming up that is older than medieval in the fields and some of this could have been brought in from elsewhere.It's slightly disappointing, but maybe the geophysical survey will wield more results!

Speaking of which, on the geophysical survey Rachel learned how to use the computer! It may seem a bit complicated but surveying is easily picked up!

Today we also had two generations of a family join us, here grandson and grandpa work together on the resistivity array.

And grandpa was then joined by granddaughter! Archaeology through the generations!

We were joined by others this afternoon, but here are this morning's helpers!

And further musings on Google Earth shows this possible route of the Roman road excavated in the 1950s. The projected line runs by the side of Penny Hill Lane (the road leaving Ulley on the east of the village) and joins up with Brampton Lane further to the east. Remember, despite the myth not all Roman roads were dead straight and would have followed contours and other natural features as well. Maybe we can see the line of the old Roman road here?

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